A Review of Windows Defender

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Microsoft’s built-in antivirus program which is now dubbed Windows Security, doesn’t require an installation or subscription thus it provides a great deal of value for free. The software is highly rated by the world’s top testing labs for AV and provides strong malware protection without affecting system performance. It also features some useful extras, such as the protection against ransomware as well as a password manager. However, it does lack certain essential features that are found in more expensive antivirus software, and isn’t the most user-friendly options.

The virus and threat protection module offers quick scans as well as full scans and custom scans, as well as an offline scan mode that is designed to get rid of even the most difficult of threats. The firewall and network security module is pretty simple to use, even though it’s not as thorough as rivals. The main drawback is that it can only protect Windows devices. If you’re looking to secure your Android or Mac phone, you will have to choose an alternative.

The family options include parental controls and the ability monitor the health of devices within your family. There’s a password manager that is hidden in the Edge browser and can sync to your other devices. The drawback is that you cannot manage the features directly from the app and instead make use of a browser to manage these features.

It is different from other antivirus softwares in that it doesn’t connect into the Windows Kernel. This could create new attack surfaces for hackers and destabilise an operating system. It also has good behavior detection and prevents users accidentally downloading malicious files.

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