Antivirus and VPN Software Bundled

While antivirus and vpn programs both serve to protect our devices and online information They approach the job from different angles. An antivirus protects against ransomware, phishing scams viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms and other malware that can compromise the security of your system files and take sensitive information. A vpn, on contrary, encrypts your internet traffic and sends it through a secure tunnel so that anyone who is watching can’t see your internet browsing or other online activities.

Many cybersecurity companies offer an anti-virus program and VPN service as a complete package. In general, these all-in-one solutions can be more cost-effective than a standalone solution and offer the advantage of having all the tools you need in one place. It is crucial to understand that the majority of antivirus VPN products lean heavily on the antivirus aspect. This means they may only provide a limited number of VPN functions, with a handful of servers, and the ability to limit data usage that can severely limit your freedom online.

We’ve rounded-up some of the most popular bundles on the market to help you find the right vpn and anti-virus software for your requirements. We’ve included both free and paid alternatives, as well as basic and premium options to suit your budget. We also looked into whether the product was compatible with different operating systems and whether it had advanced features such as a split tunneling auto connect or kill switch.

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