Aprio – Board Management Software

Board management software (also known as a board portal) is an application that facilitates collaboration and communication between boards and committees, simplifying meeting processes. Board members can view and exchange documents online in a safe environment, and also interact with one another during and after meetings. It also offers an array of tools to facilitate the creation of agendas, surveys and voting that enable members to participate and take decisions together.

Using tools for board https://boardwallet.com/the-best-board-portal-software/ management like those offered by Aprio lets boards reduce the time they spend on board meeting preparation. With the right features, it is possible to create and update agendas in just a few minutes. These tools offer multiple layers and strict security which allows administrators to control the access rights.

Meetings can be shortened by making it easy to access documents in advance, scheduling meetings ahead of time, using agenda templates, adding new items at the click on the button, synchronizing discussion periods for agenda items, and adding an interruption in between each session. Board management tools can also include a board-wide notepad, where directors can express their opinions about specific issues during the meeting or afterwards they have finished, allowing them to take a more active role in the discussion and contribute to better outcomes.

Board management tools allow for easy sharing of key reports like the chief executive’s report, financial reports, and committee reports. This eliminates the need to store copies of documents on paper and also reduces printing costs.

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