Avast Game Mode

Avast game mode is a distinct feature that disables specific aspects of the antivirus program to free up resources and increase performance www.computersimpleblog.org/what-is-avast-master-password when you play games. It detects and optimizes the games you play automatically. It also supports customization so that you can add certain games to its whitelist to ensure they always have the right resources.

The game mode optimizes PC settings and blocks background processes, blocks notifications from Avast, Windows, and it pauses Windows Updates to let you play in complete silence. It also prioritizes CPU resources and maximizes these to provide the most enjoyable gaming experience.

Contrary to conventional antivirus software, Avast Game Mode is specifically designed for gamers, allowing an enhanced gaming experience. Its intelligent system recognizes when games are being played and stops resource-intensive tasks such as updates or scans to reduce interference. This allows your computer to concentrate its resources on your games, which means quicker loading times and improved gameplay.

It is integrated into the Avast software as a component and can be turned off or activated through its user interface. It can be found by visiting the User Interface > Settings by selecting ‘Components’ and selecting or removing the checkbox next to Game Mode’. Even if you disable Avast’s Game Mode, the real-time security will remain in place.

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