Secure Data Management Software

Secure data management software enables companies to consolidate, secure, and centralize data from various sources into one repository. This enables teams to access and manage data with greater ease and protect against cyber-attacks like ransomware and insider attacks. A robust data platform supports various data formats and lets business users work on data of any size.

The best tools for managing data offer a variety of features that aid companies in meeting regulatory requirements and address specific security issues. These include data loss protection, data encryption and auditing. These tools can either be used on-premises, in the cloud, or as hybrid. Some tools offer a user-friendly dashboard and integrations with cloud or on-premises big data platforms.

Other essential secure data management tools include dynamic data masking and scrubbers. These tools let you control the data that is available to different users and are used as a way to database protection protect sensitive information against non-authorized users. They can be used to protect PII, PHI, and financial data stored in database tables, data warehouses or data lakes, without impacting the underlying data, nor affecting users.

When selecting a secure data management solution, it is crucial to think about its capabilities, cost and capacity. A reliable tool should meet all kinds of business requirements and can be scaled as the business grows. It should be simple for non-technical staff to use and integrate with different data sources.

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