Selecting a VDR As Secure Work Environment

In the past business owners would go through and exchange documents with external partners via meetings in person or flying around the globe. In today’s digital world C-level executives require an effective and secure way to share papers with service providers, traders and other outside parties without the risk of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. This is why they choose VDRs.

When selecting a VDR as a secure work environment be sure to select one that has built-in eSignature that is integrated into the platform. This feature allows parties to sign NDAs and supplier agreements from a desktop or mobile device, while maintaining security. This feature removes the need for additional steps, such as emailing drafts to one another or transferring them via an eSignature service from a third party which can increase security risks.

Also, select a virtual dataroom that provides the most comprehensive set of document restrictions and permissions. This includes view only settings which block documents from being copied, edited or downloaded, as well as two-factor authentication to reduce the possibility of unauthorized access. A lot of VDRs can record the IP address and device which a user logs on from, as well as their location. This helps to prevent any illegal activity.

Many top-notch VDRs also provide advanced collaboration tools, such as commenting and Q&A. These tools promote collaboration, while also protecting security by allowing users edit documents at the same time, and hiding the original document until it is finished. It is important to have access that is time-bound which permits users to revoke access at any point and minimizes the risk of leakage of data.

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