The Best Android Antivirus App

Hackers are attracted by Android phones. Malware can be installed in the background to take personal information and slow down devices. Antivirus apps help safeguard devices by detecting and stopping malicious attacks. A majority of the top anti-virus apps also detect websites that are phishing and other online security threats, and offer a variety of extra features that can improve your privacy on mobiles.

The majority of major Android antivirus applications offer an unpaid version, but certain apps charge extra features or for premium tiers that cost $15 to $30 annually. Some premium tiers tack on features such as the use of a VPN or identity theft protection for an additional fee. Certain apps, like Lookout which doesn’t provide third-party lab testing and have a slow, aggressive scanning engine that could put pressure on your phone’s performance.

Kaspersky offers two versions of its antivirus app which are free and a pro version which costs $29.99 per year or $39 for three years. The free version comes with SMS and call blocking and antivirus updates and anti-theft capabilities. The pro version adds additional antivirus features like antivirus, device scanning, and an app-locking feature.

Norton has the best overall rate of malware detection in our tests and its mobile suite offers a variety of security options to help you protect your privacy on mobile and desktop computers. Its advanced features include a Wi-Fi network scanner as well as an VPN and a dark web monitoring service that can alert you to data breaches. The free version, which used to be Norton Mobile Security, has been replaced with a separate application called Norton 360 Deluxe, and it comes with a long trial period.

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