Tips for Board Meeting Preparation

Board meetings require thorough preparation to ensure that everyone understands the topics they’ll be discussing as well as the actions that will be taken. These suggestions will assist you to design a format for your meetings that is consistent and maximizes results each time your board is meeting.

In the time before the meeting it is crucial to go over the minutes of the previous board meeting. invite each director to submit any reports or other information which should be included on the upcoming agenda. Find out the chairperson’s preferences for the presentation and arrangement in the board books. Some prefer a higher amount of detail, while others prefer a standard “dashboard approach”.

Prioritizing two or three key agenda items for each meeting is a good general rule of thumb to avoid filling meetings with long reports and other topics that are routine. In addition, not schedule more than 30 minutes for each agenda item so that you have enough time to give each topic adequate time.

Invite members from outside the board to board meetings. They can bring new perspectives and ideas. While it might cost a bit more to bring in independent board members, the benefits of their perspectives and outsider insights can often be worth the investment.

Lastly, make sure to be sure to include the most important decisions being made during the meeting so that all directors are able to be able to identify and either agree or disagree with the decision. It’s an excellent idea to assign department heads to each decision, so that they can communicate the outcomes of the meeting to their teams.

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