What to Include and What Not to Include in Board Meeting Minutes

If your board is using a portal for its board or paper for its meeting minutes, taking thorough and accurate notes is critical in keeping the board informed. It is important to know what information to include and not include.

If you’re looking to document the votes of members, the minutes should only record votes in support or against the decision, not the names of those who made the motion and voted for it. This protects the board from legal challenges later on. The exception to this rule is when executive pay or financial transactions that involve board members are involved in such cases, the names of those who voted should be recorded, along with rationales.

Another important aspect to include in the minutes of board meetings is any information that may help clarify the board’s decisions. This could include comments from your company’s attorney or chairman, but their opinions or conclusions must be clearly declared. It is also beneficial to include any presentations or reports that were made at the meeting. This will enable your board to know about any relevant developments and provide insights for the entire team.

Keep in mind that the minutes from board meetings are a record of the board’s decision-making procedures. They must be objective and impartial. It is important to avoid recording personal opinions, disagreements, debates on politics, arguments, or even idle chat. Instead, focus on recording facts and important decisions while being neutral www.boardroombox.com/what-are-board-meeting-minutes/ in your tone – even when there is tension in the room.

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