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Custom Architectural Millwork

Fuller Architectural Hardwoods is touted as one of the best architectural millwork companies around today due to the exceptional quality of their products and their service.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of interior custom architectural millwork for both residential and commercial markets.

Fuller Architectural Hardwoods competitively bids on both large- and small-scale commercial and residential projects. There is no job too big or too small.

We meticulously and accurately manufacture, pre-finish, and install solid hardwood millwork details to exacting architectural plans and specifications, as well as providing options for both value engineering and simplifying fabrication.

Custom Architectural Millwork Interior Photo by FAH

Fuller Architectural Hardwoods
Custom Architectural Millwork Products and Services

At Fuller Architectural Hardwoods, we take pride in our work. We have our hands on every step of the process–from the tree in the ground, to the trim in your home.

On top of design and installation, we are also a wholesale manufacturer of domestic hardwood lumber–growing our own hardwood and professionally drying it in our own kilns, right here in the USA.

Our staff is a team of technically qualified and goal oriented individuals focused on maintaining quality, price, and selection. Planning, organization, and attention to detail are the prevailing standards we place on each project.

A few of the products and services we provide at Fuller Architectural Hardwoods are as follows:

Custom Built In Storage Products

Custom Built In Storage Ideas From bookshelves to display cabinets to entertainment centers--here at Fuller Architectural, we take great care in ensuring that the beauty and functionality of our products is second to none. Just look at the pictures and see how some well thought-out built-in's will give a room purpose while also providing an [...]

Our Recent Projects

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Give us your ideas and inspirations from magazines, social networks–any pictures, videos and descriptions you have–and let’s make your dreams a reality! Also, check out our custom trim profiles to add the extra touch!

Thermally Modified Hardwoods is another branch of quality products that we provide.

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