Botworld Adventure Beginners Guide and Tips

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There’s different tiers of bots and different classes – each with it’s own stats and abilities. If you get tired of battling wild bots and bandits you can take your bots to the arena and take on other player’s teams. The enemies will have a variety of bots, including ranged bots.

We also have a Seven Knights 2 codes list, to snag some awesome freebies, and a super detailed Seven Knights 2 tier list and character guide. If you find this guide handy, we’ve got plenty of other lists just like this. Whether you’re looking for the best mobile RPGs, the best mobile shooters, or the best mobile strategy games, we’ve got you covered. We also have a list of the best Switch adventure games, if you want to go exploring on a different platform. As the landscape of mobile gaming continues to grow, the thought of having an entire adventure in your pocket is enough to lure anyone in.

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But that might seem difficult if there are a lot of characters with different stats and abilities, which may be confusing. That’s why we have created aBotworld Adventure tier list to help you pick the best characters. Players are also recommended to level up the lower level bots by fighting with them when their other bots have already reached AI level 5. XP points stop increasing for bots that reach level 5 and thus become redundant.

botworld bot tier list

And, as we’re sure you’ll agree if you watched the trailer above, it looks pretty darn charming too. Botworld Adventure is an open world, bot-collecting RPG that owes a few debts to Pokemon. It’s from the developer behind the excellent Skiing Yeti Mountain and Rodeo Stampede, and you can pick it up in Early Access right now from the Google Play Store. Defeating powerful world bosses for some of the best loot chances. There are quite a few tactics you need to be aware of if you encounter Frost Bot.

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Bigshot definitely deserves an S+ tier in the lower levels of the game. As the game progresses though, bandits and PvP players alike will have abilities like Freeze, and Bigshot is a high priority target for the enemy AI with those CC abilities. Ltd is a casual mobile game with a powerful message and some really amazing graphics. The game is set in the distant future where you are a cleaning robot who has discovered that Earth has been covered in garbage, humanity has disappeared and nature is struggling. You quickly discover that some humans have been frozen away in settlements and you can help them rebuild society.

botworld bot tier list

You follow the story of Tsuki, a free-spirited little bunny who has inherited a carrot farm in the rustic Mushroom Village. Whoever or wherever you are, you probably botworld bot tier list recognise this quirky little dude. Rayman has been a videogame staple for years now, and Rayman Adventures is a great way to relive the magic on the go.

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His interest in gaming soon transformed into passion and he started working as an author of NeoGamr. The above-mentioned bots are the most popular and widely used ones. As it is clear from the name, this bot has something to do with the memes. The Dank Memer Bot is a multipurpose and unique bot that offers everything that a typical bot can but with a little bit more entertaining oomph to it.

Each battle will be much easier to conquer with the help of these battles. So it is a must to identify the specific bots who can specifically create a significant difference within the gameplay. So this is the Botworld Adventure tier list, and you are going to know each of the bots with their ranks and their respective best ones from here. Bots in this tier are also good enough to pick and can dominate the game if played properly. You can always choose them before heading to a battle, but remember to pick them carefully, as they can get countered by the top tier bots. Well, that is all I am sharing in this post on the best bots tier list for Botworld Adventure.


DabBot provides high-quality music from various sources. Now let’s talk about the real spotlight of the show, the bots! You can add bots to your server to enhance the functionalities of your server.

  • It’s lost its sense of exploration and adventure sadly.
  • This allows Flamer to continue kiting if previously slowed or rooted.
  • Well, it must be clear till now that Discord bots are not only necessary to your server when it comes to managing it, it can also add value to your server with fun features.
  • Although the top tier bots encounter them, they are the outstanding pickups for starting a battle.

But again, we couldn’t miss this opportunity to talk about one of the biggest games in the mobile world. Roblox is a unique sandbox, where anyone and everyone can create fresh experiences and take other players on new adventures. This also means that your team will suffer less damage. If you combine Virus and Hypercharge properly, you can completely negate an enemy team’s burst and use it against them.

It’s a shame because I think this game really is a good idea and has some good things in it, but the game wants almost 5,000 gold just to buy a single part for any bot over level 20. It’s lost its sense of exploration and adventure sadly. When talking about the best mobile adventure games, it’s impossible to ignore Mihoyo’s hit open-world title, Genshin Impact.

Brute also has great crit AI if you’re looking to go for a crit build. This upgrades his Overclocked Spin to do even more damage. With the proper AI picks, Brute can pull out an Overclocked Spin that pumps out a tonne of damage in a single hit. Bullwark is a rare type and belongs to the Tank Class. Bullwark is the most traditional tank out of the three. His movement speed is alright and he has a front-facing shield that reduces damage.

There are IAPs, but it looks like the sort of game you can play without spending too much. I thought I was going to reach the end, like, a year ago. Updates are frequent enough to match my rate of playing, which isn’t too slow or fast, as I play it at work. Frost Bot’s loot contains more sources of potential SSR weaponry, along with a decent tank Matrix for those who want to play the Endurance Resonance role. There is also chances at other items of loot for your general matrix, relics, and weapon upgrades.

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