Drafting Board Meeting Minutes

When it comes time to draft board meeting minutes, your goal is to make a precise record of what took place at the meeting. This can provide legal protections in the future. To do this, you should concentrate on the crucial discussions and the decisions that were made at the meeting. It is essential to ensure that all pertinent details are recorded. This includes a list of all participants (including those who attended over the phone or via online) as well as their roles as well as the date the meeting ended.

Your board’s minutes shouldn’t just be a transcript of all the opinions and comments that were given. Your board’s minutes should be neutral, and avoid the use of inflammatory or colourful words, disagreements between individuals, or political comments. It is also important to eliminate any tangents or idle chats that were discussed, as they could raise liability issues should your board be asked to review the minutes.

Side conversations that stray from the agenda are normal at board meetings, but they should be identified as off the record and should https://boardroombox.com/is-membership-management-software-good-for-small-nonprofits/ not be recorded in the minutes of your board meetings. Instead, you should record that the board debated an issue that wasn’t listed on the agenda, and not record any details about the discussion. In the same way, you should document the vote of the board members for or against certain motions and include the reasons for their votes. This will create a transparent and impartial record of voting, which could be useful in the event there are any future legal contests.

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