Essential Features of a Virtual Data Room Provider

Virtual data rooms provide an easy way to share documents with partners, clients and investors. However, the VDR can also include other, more often customizable functions that can streamline workflows and improve how teams collaborate and communicate.

Among the most important of these are security measures. A secure platform will include several complex layers of protection that work together to ensure the security of online files. Check for ISO 27081 certifications, which contain some of the most stringent security requirements in the business.

Modifying permissions for certain groups of users is another essential feature. You may want to limit access to specific folders or to certain types of documents but allow other users access to all files. Some providers allow the option of adding watermarks to uploaded files to stop copies being made and sharing. Comprehensive activity reports will reveal who has accessed which files, at what times and for how long, assisting you keep track of activity.

You’ll also require a robust search feature that can detect exact and partial matches across all uploaded folders and files. Some providers also utilize optical character recognition (OCR) for images and PDFs in order to limit searches. A robust search feature is vital for navigating the vast, unorganized file structures. It can also assist to avoid costly mistakes such as lost or deleted documents.

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